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Proficiency Course

Firearms Proficiency Course

The NARGC Proficiency Course

The NARGC Proficiency Course has the recognition of all relevant stakeholders in Ireland. It is accepted by The Department of Justice, The National Parks & Wildlife Service and An Garda Síochána.


This Course is a LANTRA approved Course.

The course was developed to ensure new firearms owners obtaining a firearms license in Ireland for the first time were going to be acutely aware of the relevant laws in relation to the Firearms Act, The Wildlife Act and The Safe Handling and Use of a Firearm both in the home and the field.


The course is run in two separate modules on the same day. Part one consist of a power point presentation on The Wildlife Act, The Firearms Act, Garda Commissioners Guidelines, Secure Travel & Storage, Night Time Shooting and The Safe Use and Handling of a Firearm.


This is followed by a written exam with multiple answer questions based on what you have learned that morning. Following a lunch break part two takes place outside with a team of qualified instructors who will individually access each applicant in the safe handling and use of a firearm. The results of the morning exam and the practical evaluation will then be combined for each candidate and if successful a certificate will be awarded and sent by post to each candidate.


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