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NPWS review

NPWS Review


Link just below is the NPWS survey (scroll down to the bottom of narrative - click next and you are doing the survey)


See Submission the NARGC submitted to the Dail Committee, Housing Local Government & Heritage

The NARGC submitted this submission to the Dail Committee DLGH, which is where the NPWS is now.

Read this as it covers all the issues in the survey.


Most Questions are self explanatory, if a little confusing.

The inclusion of staff makes it more confusing, and that should have been a seperate survey.

It is generally not a good survey.


The NPWS look after National park also - do not dwell too much on that.


In relation to NPWS performance on its core function Wildlife - generally rate them in the poor direction.


Suggested answer to following Question in green


11. How would you assess your experience to date of NPWS, in any of these
areas? (Only answer those relevant to you / your organisation)

Not good
Very bad
Not applicable
As an employee of NPWS (past or current)

Visits to NPWS- managed National Park /Nature Reserve Very bad
Development application or other consent/licence
Land/local area is part of/adjoins a designated area (SAC/SPA/NHA)
As an employee of NPWS (past or current)
Work with NPWS (e.g. on a nature project/as part of a policy task) Very bad
Development application or other consent/licence 
Enforcement of wildlife crime Very bad
Land/local area is part of/adjoins a designated area (SAC/SPA/NHA)

12. Thinking about NPWS and its work on nature conservation, including its
management of National Parks and Nature Reserves, which of the following
best describes it:
NPWS does an excellent job of protecting & preserving Irish nature & biodiversity
NPWS has taken some positive action for nature, but could do much more
NPWS has not delivered on its tasks of protecting & preserving Irish nature &


14 How well do you think NPWS engages with other bodies with interests /
responsibilities for nature in Ireland?
Very well
Not well
Very poorly

Don't know / no opinion

Other government departments (Agriculture, Environment, Tourism…) Very Poorly
Other agencies (EPA, Teagasc, Marine Institute, …)
Local authority officers (Heritage / Biodiversity Officers)
NGOs Very poorly
Semi-state organisations (Coillte, Bord na Móna...)
Local community groups / organisations Very Poorly
International nature bodies
Other agencies (EPA, Teagasc, Marine Institute, )

18. Future: NPWS is mandated to protect, preserve and present our natural
heritage. What organisational structure do you think is most appropriate for
the delivery and implementation of this mandate in the future?
As per its current status (part of the Heritage Division in the Department of Housing,
Local Government and Heritage)
Fully integrated into a different Government Department (please specify below)
Retained as an organisation, but with more autonomy and a clearly defined,
independent structure, but without an independent legal personality (e.g. Executive
Agency, like Met Éireann, Central Statistics Office etc.)
Established as an independent Non-Commercial State Agency (like e.g. Bord Bia,
EPA, Food Safety Authority, Marine Institute etc.)
Split up as an organisation and/or merged with other organisations

Add Details: I am suggesting the Department of Agriculture , Food & Marine as
being the most suitable home for the NPWS.

20. Whose role should it be to provide a voice for nature in Ireland?
Other Government Departments
Other State Bodies/Agencies
Other: Create a Wildlife Advisory Council to advise the Dept. Agri. & NPWS.