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NPWS review

NPWS Review


Link just below is the NPWS survey (scroll down to the bottom of narrative - click next and you are doing the survey)    ( Closed on the 2.4.21)


See Submission the NARGC submitted to the Dail Committee, Housing Local Government & Heritage

The NARGC submitted this submission to the Dail Committee DLGH, which is where the NPWS is now.


Malcolm Noonan has appointed Prof. Jane Stout, Mr. Micheal Cinneide to conduct this review and report to him. They are now consulting with Stakeholders, holding online Meetings etc with the stakeholders (April 2021).


We know Malcolm Noonan want the NPWS to be made a Statutory Agency. This may even have been promised to the Green party during the programme for government negotiations, by FF and FG.

If they become such an agency they will not be subject to scrutiny, by TD's, or anyone.  They will be above scrutiny.  While this department has been neglected, it is also dysfunctional, and  its service to the public is poor. 


Please engage with your TD's on this.  FF and FG are