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                                    Face Survey for EU Firearms owners ( All lead in use proposed Restriction)

The European Commission (EC) is expected to publish its proposal to restrict the use of all lead used in Shooting, on the

15th January 2021.

This will set in motion the procedure that will involve  stakeholder and public consultations, which the EC are supposed to take into account, before they issue their final recommendations.

Face have organized an EU wide survey for  Firearms owners to respond to, to fully access the implications of this proposal.

It is very important we complete this survey, because this clearly outlines the Socio / economic cost of these unnecessary over the top proposals.

Update 8.1.21 - Only 156 Irish persons have completed this survey, even though over 8,000 people viewed it on Facebook     ( Finland 5.5M  - 1,800 surveys completed )

Please complete it if you have not done so, and spread the word amongst your friends

Please complete this survey by clicking the attached Link     https://www.face.eu/2020/12/hunters-survey-on-lead/


EU ombudsperson finding  of maladministration against the European Commission  on their actions in relation to the 'Lead shot over wetlands' restriction.     22.12.2020                                                                            


                                                              Vote By Mep's 


                                                                Lead Vote – The way your Mep’s voted.

Our 13 Mep’s in the main let us down, with only 2 voting for it.

5 FG - Sean Kelly (South)
           Deirdre Clune (South)
           Maria Walsh  ( Midlands- North)
           Frances Fitzgerald  (Dublin)     All voted against the motion / us.  
( Obviously an FG decision to vote against it, and contrary to most of their Euro party, EPP  )
           Colm Markey ( Mairead McGuinness replacement did not vote )  
                                         Recently got his wings - may not have a vote

2 FF  -  Billy Kelliher (South) Voted for it - and was very supportive - Excellent.
            Barry Andrews (Dublin) Voted against it.

2 GP - Ciaran Cuffe (Dublin)
           Grace O Sullivan (South) Both Voted against it

Ind  -  Mick Wallace (South)
          Clare Daly (Dublin)
          Luke Ming Flanagan (Midlands North)    All  Voted against it

SF -  Chris McManus ( Midlands North) Voted for it

Obviously most of our Mep’s have no interest in ensuring sensible good laws from the EU. They have accepted a bad proposal and allowed the European Commission to do as they pleased.

While there is a 2nd vote tonight, it is unlikely to change, much.

Very disappointing.
Much reflection needed – those Mep’s have not represented Ireland, particularly rural Ireland.

We Thank Billy and Chris for their Support.


Click Link for the Actual Voting Record     Vote to reject the Poor proposal


The Motion was rejected as Follows :   Poll       : 693

                                                                     For        : 292   (42%)

                                                                    Against : 362

                                                                    Abstain :   39

50% was required - Not achieved.



Further Update and Change :    Agenda for Plenary debate, European parliament

As you can see from the above agenda, 2 Motion have been tabled as follows,

(1)  'ECR' Political Grouping's motion will be debated and decided at the 7pm (8pm CET) session on Tuesday 25.11.20

        ( Thought to be the motion with the best chance of success)

(2) 'ID' Political Grouping's Motion will be debated at 7pm (8pm CET)  on Wednesday 26.11.20


Face Europe Article on the Problems with the proposed restriction



 All Mep's vote on motions to send this proposal back to the European Commission. A 50% + positive vote is required to do this.

We ask all our members to contact your local Meps - details below.

See also below a template letter outlining the fundamental flaws in this proposal. Please contact your Mep's, and outline your concerns to them.


Template letter you can amend and send to your local Mep's

List of Irish Mep's


Update 29.10.20

Supportive Mep's on the ENVI Committee put down motions to return this to the European Commission (EC) to amend it to try make it sensible. ( See video Below). The motions did not succeed, so it remains with the ENVI committee. 

Both Irish Mep's, Grace O' Sullivan, GP, and Mick Wallace Ind., let us and Ireland down by voting against the amendments.

It not often Mep's are asked to stand up for the Country, but we were let down here by Grace and Mick. Mick has been  particularly articulate down the years, about poor government practice, bad governance and accountability by civil servants - He seems very happy here to let the EC get away with such issue, and allow really bad law onto our statute books.  He seems to have changed.

The EC did clarify that member states could define wetland. We are waiting for the actual details of this.

Member states have now until 5.12.20 to object, or point out the difficulties with this to the EC

We have contacted the Department of Justice on this issue, asking him to engage with the EC on this, due to the potential problems it will cause for Ireland.   End



The REACH Committee of the European Commission (EC), passed this proposal 'Restricting the use of lead shot over wetlands'. on the 4th attempt on the 3.9.20.

EC restriction (TEXT) passed by the Reach Committee 3.9.20

The Reach Committee is made up of a civil Servant from each of the Member States (27), Chaired by the Director of the Environment (ENVI) Department of the EC.

We are following up on aspect of the way this committee conducted its business.

The Irish Government Flagged to the EC their reservations and objection, and Voted against this proposal on three occasions. THe NARGC and the IFA had extensively liaised with them on this issue over the last 2 years. However on the 3.9.20 they abruptly changed their position, and we only became aware of the change of position after the vote.

Junior Minister Malcolm Noonan ( now in Charge of NPWS) was instrumental in this change.

We have taken this up with him on the 8.9.20, and we will pursue it further.

It now goes to the ENVI Committee, and the European Parliament for what they call three Months of scrutiny.

Even though this is defective, dangerous and un enforceable proposed legislation, it will be difficult to get it changed at European level. The EU's claim that they produce 'better regulation' is well and truly rubbished by this proposal 

 This has got huge traction across Eupope and hopefully common sense will eventually prevail. We will keep plugging.

There is also the possibility of a legal challenge, as this breaches many EU fundamental principles.


We have established beyond doubt that Lead Lead is not causing any problem to wildlife. 


The 3 Surveys that have be done in Ireland:  ( Checking Waterbirds Gizzard's for the presence of Lead Shot)

(1) 1990 -  NARGC Survey (Dr Douglas Butler)  913 Gizzards, 23 had ingested Lead Shot = 2.52% Prevalence.

(2) 2019 - NARGC Survey, 1,194 Gizzards, 21 had ingested Lead Shot = 1.75% Prevalence

(3) 2020 - NARGC Survey, 976 Gizzards,  2 had ingested Lead Shot = 0.2% Prevalence.

Survey No1 was conducted by Dr. Douglas Butler, and published in the Naturalists Journal in 1990. Survey 2, 3, was facilitated by the NARGC, with an Independent Veterinary Laboratory doing the dissection and analysis, and reporting their findings.

All three survey clearly indicate this is not an issue in Ireland, and is in sharp contrast to the erroneous guesstimates in the ECHA / EC reports.


We are doing a further Survey in 2020 / 2021 season.  Please keep your Duck Gizzards, Freeze them, label - date- species location, and we will arrange collection by your RGC  later. 



Dan Curley, Chairman NARGC


NARGC Lead Summary Chart

NARGC Submission on the SEAC Opinion 21.05.2018


NARGC submission to ECHA - 5 reports on the costs and implications of transitioning to Steel, December 2019


NARGC report to Irish Government Officials - 15.4.2019





Inferiority of Steel Shot

Steel Shot V Lead Shot - Test

Video of the Stupidity of the EU Lead Shot Proposal

It illustrates that the European Commission is out of touch with reality.