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The REACH Committee of the European Commission (EC), passed this proposal 'Restricting the use of lead shot over wetlands'. on the 4th attempt on the 3.9.20.

The Reach Committee is made up of a civil Servant from each of the Member States (27), Chaired by the Director of the Environment (ENVI) Department of the EC.

We are following up on aspect of the way this committee conducted its business.

The Irish Government Flagged to the EC their reservations and objection, and Voted against this proposal on three occasions. THe NARGC and the IFA had extensively liaised with them on this issue over the last 2 years. However on the 3.9.20 they abruptly changed their position, and we only became aware of the change of position after the vote.

Junior Minister Malcolm Noonan ( now in Charge of NPWS) was instrumental in this change.

We have taken this up with him on the 8.9.20, and we will pursue it further.

It now goes to the ENVI Committee, and the European Parliament for what they call three Months of scrutiny.

Even though this is defective, dangerous and un enforceable proposed legislation, it will be difficult to get it changed at European level. The EU's claim that they produce 'better regulation' is well and truly rubbished by this proposal 

 This has got huge traction across Eupope and hopefully common sense will eventually prevail. We will keep plugging.

There is also the possibility of a legal challenge, as this breaches many EU fundamental principles.


We have established beyond doubt that Lead Lead is not causing any problem to wildlife. 


The 3 Surveys that have be done in Ireland:  ( Checking Waterbirds Gizzard's for the presence of Lead Shot)

(1) 1990 -  NARGC Survey (Dr Douglas Butler)  913 Gizzards, 23 had ingested Lead Shot = 2.52% Prevalence.

(2) 2019 - NARGC Survey, 1,194 Gizzards, 21 had ingested Lead Shot = 1.75% Prevalence

(3) 2020 - NARGC Survey, 976 Gizzards,  2 had ingested Lead Shot = 0.2% Prevalence.

Survey No1 was conducted by Dr. Douglas Butler, and published in the Naturalists Journal in 1990. Survey 2, 3, was facilitated by the NARGC, with an Independent Veterinary Laboratory doing the dissection and analysis, and reporting their findings.

All three survey clearly indicate this is not an issue in Ireland, and is in sharp contrast to the erroneous guesstimates in the ECHA / EC reports.


We are doing a further Survey in 2020 / 2021 season.  Please keep your Duck Gizzards, Freeze them, label - date- species location, and we will arrange collection by your RGC  later. 



Dan Curley, Chairman NARGC


NARGC Lead Summary Chart

NARGC Submission on the SEAC Opinion 21.05.2018


NARGC submission to ECHA - 5 reports on the costs and implications of transitioning to Steel, December 2019


NARGC report to Irish Government Officials - 15.4.2019





Inferiority of Steel Shot

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Video of the Stupidity of the EU Lead Shot Proposal

It illustrates that the European Commission is out of touch with reality.