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Fund Benefits & Details

2020 / 2021

The NARGC Compensation Fund - Benefits and Details


Ireland’s foremost source of Public Liability and Personal Accident Protection
for Hunters, Clay Shooters,Target Shooters and others who are Members of our affiliated Clubs.


The National Association of Regional Game Councils encourages game shooters and clay/target shooters to support
the Shooting Lobby by joining a Gun/Game Club, Clay Pigeon Club or Target Sports Club affiliated to the NARGC.
With 24,000 Members, you will be joining the most authoritative voice for the sport of shooting in Ireland.
You will also enjoy the protection of the NARGC Compensation Fund which carries a ceiling of protection of €10m
each and every claim. The Association welcomes the affiliation of new Clubs through its RGC structure.

The Personal Accident Scheme:

Persons, who join the Fund, automatically partake in our Personal Accident Scheme. You will have noted in the above that the Fund is geared towards Third Party claims but with this Personal Accident Scheme, Members are protecting themselves against accidental personal injury while engaged in either hunting or fishing activities. The benefits payable by this Scheme are scaled depending on the nature of the injury sustained but range from €100,000 in the event of death, permanent disability or for the loss of one or more limbs or eyes or, a weekly sum of €350/wk for up to 52 weeks where Temporary Total Disablement occurs. In addition, Members may benefit by up to €2,000/annum for vouched medical outlays, following a shooting injury. Needless to say, this Scheme is also commercially insured.

The Compensation Fund has restructured and developed significantly since its inception thirty- six years ago and is the linchpin upon which depends all N.A.R.G.C. Members in the event of an accident or claim arising from the sport of shooting or fishing. The Fund is totally accepted by Government and all State Agencies like Coillte Teo, Bord na Mona, County Councils, Port Authorities, the ESB and others and of course also enjoys the full support of all farming organisations like the IFA and the ICMSA to mention but two.

Obviously, all the benefits cited above apply to members of Fishing Clubs in the same way as they apply to Members of Gun Clubs. For example, if, God forbid, a Fund Member perished while fishing, his/her next of kin would obviously be entitled to the €100,000 death benefit.


Fund Membership Fee's change after 18 years (2024)

€60 ( From €50) for adults,  Over 19 and under 70yrs.

€30 (From €25) for persons under the age of 19 or over the age of 70yrs.

€10 (No increase) for anyone under 14.

The Fund year runs from August 1st each year to July 31st next ensuing.

Of course, quite aside from the benefits of the Fund and the Personal Accident Scheme, the NARGC provides Member Services that are not matched by any other organisation operating in Ireland. Annually these services account for an expenditure of €400,000.00 on the part of the NARGC. Of this, almost €150,000.00 is granted to Regional Game Councils, each year, for the purchase of pheasant and mallard and these RGC’s then allocate this money among the Clubs in each county. 

In addition, with the NARGC you have:

  • Full-time staff dedicated to working for shooting interests
  • A say in the running of the Association - elections/resolutions
  • A Members’ Magazine posted free to your home at least once annually
  • Habitat and other Grants for your Club - €350,000 granted annually
  • Special Funding for Grouse Projects.
  • Special Funding for start up Native Grey Partridge Projects.
  • Grants for the purchase of Predator Control equipment by Clubs
  • Mallard/Pheasant Release subsidies for Clubs and RGC’s - currently €4.37 per bird
  • Research into Game and other species
  • The defense of Members rights, individually and collectively, even in the Courts
  • Club of the Year Award
  • Deer Stalking Courses.
  • Transition Year Student Courses.
  • Junior Trained Hunter Course. 
  • Game Meat Handling Courses
  • Representation otherwise at EU level
  • A good working relationship with Farmers
  • An Association Shop - books, badges, stickers, ties etc
  • Monitoring and input into the drafting of legislation affecting shooting sports
  • Inter-Club & Inter-County Annual Clay Shoots - biggest Clay Shoot in Ireland
  • Members’ access to information/advise on all issues every day
  • Proficiency Courses and Safety Seminars for Associate Members
  • Constant Government lobbying in Ireland and at EU level

For information on the Compensation Fund, call our Fund Office on FREEFONE: 1800 222 444
or telephone our full-time National Fund Administrator on 086 788 8411 (office hours only please) or click on the Contact Us link on this page

Junior Membership

We now offer
Fund Membership to
Club Members who are under 14
for just €10