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  • Pheasant Shooting 2022

                      Pheasant Shooting Season 1st November 2022

                   Please fill out your sightings and bag returns for 2022/23

  • The Duck Hunting Season 2022

                           Duck Gizzards required for the survey.

  • Start of the Doe Deer Hunting 2022

                   The Doe Deer Hunting Season starts 1st November. 2022

                                     Please do your bag returns.

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The National Association of Regional Game Councils (NARGC) is the largest voluntary organisation in Ireland involved in game shooting and conservation. The Association has 24,000 Associate Members in approx. 965 Gun Clubs spread throughout the country - one Club in almost every parish. It has enjoyed an increasing membership year on year for the past nine years with an average increase of 500 per annum.


To Join the NARGC you must first join one of our affiliated clubs. Please contact your local Club, or contact the County body ( see Membership/ Regions Tab above ) to get contact details for the Club you wish to apply to for membership..


Make connections with other members and learn something new at our courses. 

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Ireland’s foremost source of Public Liability and Personal Accident Protection for Hunters, Clay Shooters, Target Shooters and others who are Members of our affiliated Clubs..

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